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Simplex, Duplex and Y Strainers


Simplex StrainersIllustration of flow path through simplex strainer

We specialize in the sales and application of industrial simplex strainers and duplex strainers.  The navigation bar above provides a brief description about specific types of simplex and duplex strainers.  Our strainer inquiry form ("PRICING") is designed to elicit all of the information required to propose a strainer design to satisfy your specific application requirements.

The strainers we offer are listed in order of simplicity with temporary strainers being the least sophisticated and automatic strainers the most complex (and expensive) design.

We represent Eaton, Hayward, Fluidtrol, Titan and Keckley - the five most prominent manufacturers of both cast and custom fabricated pipeline strainers in North America.  So if you require a cast item quickly, we can check the inventory for each manufacturer; if you require a USA fabricated product, we know who to use.  Likewise, we understand the differences in strainer designs: the two most important being their initial differential pressure when clean (their Cv value) and ergonomic differences such as a quick-opening cover design compared to a bolted cover design.

We are uniquely qualified and positioned to assist you with a performance based evaluation of several products in support of ensuring the best designs are considered. Our Factory Direct business model ensures quick and detailed communication with the quickest deliveries possible at very competitive prices.

Temporary strainers are meant to be used temporarily and are typically used during the start-up or commissioning of newly installed or recently maintained pipeline systems.  Temporary strainers are a type of simplex strainer, which means the flow needs to be interrupted to clean the screen.

Y strainers (wye strainers) are another type of simplex strainer and unlike temporary strainers, they are designed to be installed permanently.   Y strainers are designed to protect equipment downstream from particulate characteristic of an upset or infrequent condition and are NOT designed for continuous particle removal because the amount of screen surface area available is too small, resulting in frequent cleaning.

T strainers (tee strainers) are another type of simplex strainer design, similar to a Y strainer in some respects, although available with additional customizations.  As with Y strainers, T strainers are not designed for continuous particle removal.

Simplex strainers (basket strainers) are the most common type of industrial strainer due to their relatively large element surface area ratio when compared to the inlet and outlet cross-sectional area. Simplex strainers are used to protect pumps and other equipment from particulate and can be offered in cast or custom fabricated designs.  While cast and molded designs typically cost less and can ship quicker, they cannot be customized and they usually have a lower straining ratio (meaning they need to be cleaned more frequently).

Duplex strainers are used for continuous particle removal when the process flow cannot be interrupted for basket cleaning.  A duplex strainer diverts the flow from the dirty basket chamber through the clean chamber, enabling the dirty basket to be accessed, cleaned and replaced without any interruption to the process flow.  We offer a variety of duplex strainers including cast and custom fabricated products.

Automatic strainers are also used for applications which cannot be interrupted for basket cleaning.  The automatic nature of their design minimizes labor costs and personnel exposure to the process fluid.  Although available for pipeline sizes as small as 2", they become a cost effective alternative to duplex strainers for 6" and 8" size pipelines because duplex strainers of that size often have large, heavy strainer baskets requiring an overhead lift.

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