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Types of Duplex Strainers

Duplex Strainers are used for continuous applications such as pump suction strainers and spray nozzle protection to help prevent clogging.  Sometimes referred to as twin basket strainers, they are made in Cast Iron, Carbon Steel 316SS, Bronze, Polypropylene, PVC and PVDF materials.

Duplex strainers remove dirt and debris from pipelines and protect sensitive system components. The Model 53BTX Strainer pictured above features a design that makes strainer basket servicing very easy by eliminating seepage during basket cleaning. The Model 53BTX keeps the chamber dry during service utilizing a ball valve style diverting cartridge. This enables accessing the strainer basket chamber without leakage and overflow. This also results reduces spillage and clean up after servicing the strainer basket.

Larger style duplex strainers often use butterfly valves to divert flow; pictured below is an example of a pair of simplex strainers connected together with pipe tees and butterfly valves.  The butterfly valves are operated in a specific sequence to ensure a continuous flow rate.  Valve actuators and a PLC can be used to automate the valve sequence and reduce chance of human error.

Duplex Strainer Custom Fabricated

Overview of our Duplex Strainers

Cast iron, steel and 316SS duplex strainers are available in ¾" to 36" pipeline sizes.    Most iron and steel duplex strainers are used with water or water based applications for protecting the pump suction, spray nozzles, heat exchangers and other parts of a pipeline system that is subject to fouling with particles.

Cast Bronze Duplex Strainers are available in ¾" to 8" pipeline sizes and are used extensively by the US Navy, Coast Guard and ship building industry as pump suction strainers, cooling water and boiler strainers as well as scrubber nozzle protection. Bronze Duplex Strainers are usually used for seawater related applications or other applications where bronze material reduces corrosion.

Our non-alloy duplex strainers are molded from PVC, CPVC, GFPP and PVDF in ½" to 8" sizes depending upon the material of construction.


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