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Duplex Strainers
Duplex Strainer
s Sizes 10" to 18", constructed of cast iron with flange connections

Eaton model 52 duplex strainer

The Model 52 Duplex strainers remove damage causing particulate matter from the process media, and never have to be shut down for cleaning…the line can run continuously. When one strainer basket becomes full, flow is switched to the other. The first basket is removed, cleaned and is ready for use again. These large size duplex strainers use synchronized butterfly valves to switch the flow from one basket strainer chamber to another and never cause the flow to be shut off. Operation is quick and easy with the large, easy to use hand wheel…a few turns and the flow is diverted and the out of service basket is ready for cleaning.

This unique design duplex strainer has a straight through flow path that results in a very low pressure drop across the strainer. Another advantage of this duplex strainer design is that it is very compact and has a smaller profile than similar size duplex strainers. Pleated (convoluted) type strainer baskets are used to increase the straining area while reducing size and weight of the basket and are a standard feature.


• Continuous flow - no shutdown for basket cleaning

• Compact butterfly valve design

• Quick opening covers

• Convoluted-design baskets

• Perforated or mesh stainless steel basket

• Vent


Ductile iron construction

Basket mesh 20 or 40

Vent valves

Drain Valves

• ¼" NPT taps

Differential pressure connections

Magnetic basket inserts

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