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Eaton model 91 tee strainerEaton model 91 T strainer opened

T strainers are a compact design for protecting downstream equipment and processes.  They are used for applications having a low percentage of solids and when the flow can be interrupted for cleaning the strainer screen.  An advantage tee strainers provide is that they can be installed horizontally or vertically. You should consider a simplex strainer for applications that require continuous removal of particles from liquid pipelines.

Differences between a Y strainer and T strainer

Physically they look similar and can both be installed horizontally or vertically, however there are some significant differences between a Y and T strainer.  It is possible to blow-down a Y strainer screen by installing a valve on its drain port and thus forestall physical element cleaning and this is not possible with a T strainer.  All of our T strainers are custom fabricated products and thus we have some flexibility to customize the design whereas our Y strainers are either molded or cast and therefore not customizable.  While a T strainer doesn't offer any advantages to element surface area, its straight-through flow path enables it to handle higher flow rates at a given pressure drop.

Our T strainers can be cleaned without draining the strainer housing and its convoluted screen design coupled with an unrestricted flow path results in very low differential pressure drops.

We offer fabricated tee strainers made of carbon steel and 316SS having ANSI flanged or butt-weld connections.  Depending upon the pressure class, we offer either bolted or quick-opening screen chamber designs.

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