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Duplex Strainer - Model 53BTXDuplex Strainer - Model 50

Duplex strainers are used to continuously remove particles from liquid pipelines to protect equipment downstream, presumably when the percentages of solids are low and when the flow cannot be interrupted for cleaning the strainer basket.

Not all duplex strainers are alike, it is important to note the straining ratio or open area ratio.  This is the ratio of open area for of the strainer basket compared to the nominal area of the pipeline (inlet).  The greater the staining ratio, the less frequent baskets will require cleaning. 

Duplex strainers are designed to be installed for horizontal flow paths and are available in a wide variety of materials, including cast iron, cast steel, cast 316SS, cast bronze, PVC and CPVC.

The connection types include ANSI flanged, threaded and socket weld.  The internal screens are typically 316SS, monel, PVC and CPVC.

Most of our duplex strainers have quick-opening basket chamber covers.  We can also provide powerful rare earth magnet basket inserts for our alloy strainers; this increases the retention of ferrous particles.

Duplex strainers  can retain particles as fine as 400 mesh (approximately 37 microns). Cover vent taps/valves, differential pressure taps/gauges and drain valves are all optional accessories we can provide for your duplex strainer.

Although we offer cast designs for pipelines up to 24", it is often more economical to use an automatic strainer for 8" and larger pipeline sizes.

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