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Simplex Strainer - Model 73Simplex Strainer - Model 72

Simplex strainers are used to continuously remove particles from liquid pipelines to protect equipment downstream, presumably when the percentages of solids is low and when the flow can be interrupted for cleaning the strainer basket.  You should consider a duplex or automatic strainer for applications that require uninterruptable removal of particles from liquid pipelines.

Not all simplex strainers are alike, it is important to note the straining ratio or open area ratio.  This is the ratio of open area for of the strainer basket compared to the nominal area of the pipeline (inlet).  The greater the staining ratio, the less frequent the basket will require cleaning. 

We offer simplex strainers designed to be installed for horizontal flow paths which are available in a wide variety of materials, including iron, steel, 316SS, bronze, PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, PTFE and PVDF.

Common connection types include ANSI flanged, threaded and socket weld.  The internal screens are typically fabricated from 304SS, 316SS, monel, PVC, CPVC or Tefzel.

Hayward EASTAR clear plastic basket strainer

Depending upon the pressure class, we offer either bolted or quick-opening basket chamber designs.  Most alloy simplex strainers are also available with a powerful rare earth magnetic basket inserts; these increase the retention of ferrous particles.

We also offer special "flushing simplex strainers"; akin to how a Y strainer can be "blown-down", basket strainer baskets can be "flushed" without manually accessing the basket and interrupting the flow.

Illustration of a flushing strainer

An automatic strainer differs from a flushing strainer because the flow through the straining element is reversed, thereby actually cleaning the element.  A flushing strainer simply "blows out" material retained within the basket and not necessarily dislodging material entrapped in the perforation or mesh.

While simplex strainer baskets can be lined with 400 mesh size wire cloth for retaining particles as small as 37 microns, such fine retention is impractical due to the metal-to-metal interface between the strainer basket lip and strainer body.   Once you start getting into the 80-100 mesh retention range ( 150-175 microns) a bag or cartridge filter would likely offer higher filtration efficiencies.

Cover vent taps/valves, differential pressure taps/gauges and drain valves are all optional accessories we can provide for your simplex strainer.

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